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Open Source is in our DNA

We believe in the open source community and invests in moving open source projects forward.

Over the last 15 years, we have invented an open data protocol adopted by Apple, Uber and thousands of other companies, created one of the world’s largest Hadoop user communities, and brought Linux to the Fortune 100.

We know first – hand that open source makes software more accessible, developers more connected, and the world a little smaller. We strive to give back to the community and welcome your contributions to our projects.

Invented by Treasure Data Engineers

欧洲杯投注appWith 600+ plugins and native support for Docker and Kubernetes, Fluentd is one of the most popular tools for log management.

欧洲杯投注appEmbulk is an open source data loader to move massive data across storage systems, software services, file formats and data centers.

欧洲杯投注appApache Hivemall democratizes machine learning by bringing cutting edge ML algorithms to the fingertips of SQL analysts.

欧洲杯投注appMessagePack is an efficient binary serialization format. It lets you exchange data among multiple languages like JSON. But it’s faster and smaller.

Digdag is a simple tool that helps you to build, run, schedule, and monitor complex pipelines of tasks. It handles dependency resolution so that tasks run in series or in parallel.

Fluent Bit is an open source data collector, which allows you to collect data from different sources, unify it and send it to multiple destinations.


Fast, lightweight and scalable web server


ZeroMQ in Pure Java


欧洲杯投注appSimple Python environment manager


欧洲杯投注appThe Java implementation of Google’s Snappy compressor/decompressor


Schemaless stream processing in SQL


欧洲杯投注appRuby http client library

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Projects We Contribute To

欧洲杯投注appContributed the Logging Driver for Fluentd

欧洲杯投注appContributed the logging capabilities with Fluentd

欧洲杯投注appTwo of our engineers are committers

Various contributions including MySQL support

欧洲杯投注appVarious contributions including MLLib and Spark SQL

欧洲杯投注appOne of the largest contributors among Facebook and Starburst